'€˜Supermodels'€™ Celebrates Dutch Design

Hans David Tampubolon

The Jakarta Post


Jakarta   /  Thu, August 13, 2015  /  10:13 am

For each project they work on, they always try to create the best possible team for the specifics of the project.

The philosophy underscores Schrofers'€™ belief not to be a signature designer, but to dig deep into the DNA of a client and create a design that best fits that DNA.

'€œIn '€˜Supermodels'€™, a good design is one that is smart: That it is not only beautiful, but there is a sort of a different level that is making a change by being smart,'€ Schrofer told The Jakarta Post.

'€œSo, it [the design] is making a change or filling in a daily need that nobody has thought of.'€

For Schrofer, a good design is about using interiors to influence people'€™s subconscious behavior.

For example, a shop owner wants to guide its customers through the store, tempting them into buying something. In other cases, such as a bar, the designers must find a concept that can make customers stay longer and order more food and drinks.

 '€œThe idea behind '€˜Supermodels'€™ is to show the quality of Dutch design and I know a lot of designers are busy with bigger questions than only making things beautiful.

And in this show, a lot of those designers can expand a network to have this kind of talk, to help other countries, other people to change and make better designs and make a better world,'€ he said.

'€œWe, as Dutch, we are strange people. We are always a little bit modest; we make fun of ourselves, but we can definitely be very good as designers to change things.'€

'€” Photos by JP/Jerry Adiguna