East Jakarta graveyard turned into 'dangdut' party venue

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Jakarta   /  Mon, September 10, 2018  /  06:17 pm

A viral video shows a dangdut concert held on a stage erected next to a graveyard in East Jakarta on Sept. 8.(Via kompas.com/Twitter @juriglagu)

Public cemeteries in Jakarta not only serve as final resting places, but also as party venues with live music.

A video showing a dangdut concert being held on a stage erected next to a cemetery has gone viral. 

A Twitter user identified as Yuwandi, with the handle @juriglagu, uploaded the video on Saturday, showing a singer on the stage accompanied by musicians who played loud dangdut music, while several people were seen dancing to the music on graves located in front of the stage. 

The user wrote in the caption: Kondangan (attending a party) on the road checked, kondangan above railway checked, kondangan at graveyard? It is a clear reference to the Indonesian activity of staging ceremonial parties, usually weddings or circumcision ceremonies, that encroach on public facilities. 

The post has been retweeted more than 4,000 times and generated thousands of comments from netizens. According to kompas.com, the show took place at Pondok Kelapa public cemetery in East Jakarta.

A member of the band Bofita Entertainment, who performed on the video, identified as Boih, told the news portal that the concert took place until midnight. 

He said the band was not bothered that the show was performed at a public cemetery to celebrate the circumcision ritual of a boy who lived close to the cemetery.

“It doesn’t matter as long as it’s safe for us and the payment is smooth,” he added. (fac)