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Parenting, Sasono style

Ni Nyoman Wira
Ni Nyoman Wira

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Wed, June 8, 2016  /  04:49 pm
Parenting, Sasono style

Widi Mulia and husband, Dwi Sasono, involve their children in a family social media project, "The Sasonos Family". (JP/I.G. Dharma J.S.)

The Jakarta Post recently visited the Sasono family at their uniquely decorated house in South Jakarta. The family consists of father Dwi Sasono, a renowned actor, mother Widi Mulia, a singer in the B3 vocal group, and their three children. 

The Sasonos record almost everything that happens in their daily life on video, from seemingly mundane tasks like grocery shopping and children’s events to special moments like birthdays and holidays. They then share the moments with their followers on the family’s social media accounts.

Widi and Dwi are obviously not social media-shy, but they do have a reason for documenting their lives. “We grow together with our children and they give us new things to learn every day. It turns out that a lot of people found this interesting to watch, so we decided to document it.” 

As a celebrity, Widi also has her own social media account, aside from her family’s official account. “I have to separate being an artist – a singer – from being a mother or a parent to our children. The same is true for my husband,” she states.

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On one of the Sasono family’s Instagram posts, Widi tells the story of the birth of her third child through a gentle lotus birth in Ubud, Bali. As her first two children were born in a hospital, Widi describes the lotus birth as a very spiritual and personal experience.

Widi and Dwi waited 10 days past the estimated date for the baby to be born. “We were not the ones who decided when and where the baby had to born, so we communicated with the baby. We also had a lot of consultations with the doctors,” she explains. 

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During the process, Widi was helped by midwife Robin Lim and her team. “Finally on January 25, Den Bagus was born. It was special because he was still inside the amniotic sac,” Widi says. The lotus birth means the baby’s umbilical cord is left attached to the placenta, as the natural connection between the baby and his life source. “We let the umbilical cord dry by itself in 5 days, after which it came off easily,” she adds.

Consciously putting the family in the public eye, Widi insisted she was not trying to offer up an image of perfection. “I am still struggling at being a mother and parent." She adds that her husband, Dwi, is very supportive, spending time as often as possible with their children. 

As a mother, Widi also noted the importance of a good support system, which in her case consists of her and her husband’s families. “At the end of the day, you do not want your kids to be abandoned, so that is what you need – a support system,” she says. (asw)