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14 ways for millennials to save money for travel

Theresia Clara
Theresia Clara

Wanderlust who loves dancing, writing, and photography

Kuala Lumpur  /  Mon, March 6, 2017  /  10:49 am
14 ways for millennials to save money for travel

Save some money and go travel. (Shutterstock/File)

When I told my colleagues that I paid for my trip to Turkey trip with my own money, they did not believe me, and they had every reason to not believe me. I was a recent college graduate with a modest salary -- how could I possibly have the money to pay for a trip like this? 

Here are some reasons why I can travel often:

Live with your family

What else do I need to say? Free food and free rent. In Asian culture, it is normal for offspring to live with their families before they get married, which is an advantage if you love traveling. It allows you to save all of your income, which provides room to spend on travelling.  

Get a job right away

I got a job immediately after entering university. My boss liked my work and hired me to work full time while I was on break from school. I managed to save money every month. The trick is to focus on your goal. If you take a part time job to earn money for traveling, then save it.  

Avoid coffee expenses

A cup of coffee from a cafe costs more than 1 liter of milk. Two cups of coffee are equal to a box of 25 bags of green tea. If you love coffee, brew it at home or make a budget on how much you should spend on it per month. 

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Eat healthy

I seldom eat red meat (which is more expensive). I usually get protein from tempeh, spinach, eggs, chicken and fish. To be clear, healthy food does not mean expensive salad bowls. Healthy food can be cheap, especially if you buy your food rather than go out to restaurants.

Do not spend all your money on food

A survey by JP Morgan shows that millennials are willing to spend more on food than previous generations. It is good to set a weekly food budget, but it is ok to treat yourself once a while. 

Do not spend all your money on makeup

Rather than Sephora and Mac, I buy products from Innisfree and Watson. It is better to focus on the health of your skin, rather than cover yourself in make-up anyway. Let your skin breathe and enhance your natural beauty. If you really like make-up, buy what you can afford.

Do not go gadget gizmo crazy

The iPhone 7 is out in stores. The new iPad air, too, and GoPros are on sale. So? You can save money by not spending money on gadgets unless yours is broken or very outdated. I save money by inheriting old phones from my family members. If you love gadgets, think twice before you buy. Ask yourself if you really need it. An iPhone 7 could buy a flight to Europe!

Do not dive into a fashion frenzy

Every season there are new clothes and exciting items, try not to indulge. Wait until there is a sale or go home and reorganize your closet, you may find that you have more outfit options than you realize.

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Brands do not always matter

Some people enjoy buying brand name items; but, paying for brand names is a surefire way to empty your wallet. However, if the quality is extremely good, the product will last longer, which makes it a worthwhile investment

Be cost conscious at the club

Going to the club in big cities like Jakarta is not cheap. If you open a bottle or reserve a table, it could cost millions of rupiah.

Do your nails at home

Nail polish only lasts a few weeks, but appointments can cost more than going out for dinner. Try not to spend your money at the nail salon. 

Use public transport

Having a car is a big cost commitment (down payment, gas, regular service and parking). Do not buy a car if you can use public transportation. 

Expensive accessories are not necessary

Do not buy frivolous accessories.

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Stick to your monthly budget and goals

A minimum of 50 percent of my salary goes into my bank account. I am disciplined about not spending more than a certain amount of my salary. 

Following these 14 steps, I have managed to fund my trips to Turkey, Bali, Eastern Europe, Morocco and Raja Ampat. I encourage you to follow these steps, save some money and go travel!  (kes)


Clara is a wanderlust who loves dancing, writing, and photography. She's petite but that doesn't stop her to explore the world. Currently she's working as content writer in a Kuala Lumpur-based company, iPrice.

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