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Three simple exercises you can do with a friend

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Jakarta  /  Sun, November 19, 2017  /  10:09 am
Three simple exercises you can do with a friend

Having a partner while exercising can create a deeper bond and increase your motivation. (Shutterstock/File)

Everyone may not have the strength to workout alone, so it is always better to exercise with a friend to boost his or her motivation levels.

Try these three exercises you can do with someone else to build up their muscles, according to the

Manual resistance press-up

Person A should start in a standard press-up position, while Person B places their hands on the mid-back to push lightly on it. Person A should push back up, while Person B strongly pushes Person A back toward the ground.

Once Person A is in the original position, Person B will switch to a more light push.

When Person A has done this 12 to 15 times, the two persons will switch roles.

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Ski sits and dips

Person A will stand in a skiing position with their backs against the wall. Person B will place their hands on both of Person A’s legs.

Person B will then lower his- or herself by bending their elbow. Person A will then have to push themselves to their starting positions by contracting their triceps and extending their arms.

This should be repeated 12-15 times before swapping roles.

Medicine ball Russian twist

Person A and Person B will sit beside each other with their bodies forming an N shape (their legs bent while they sit with an upright posture).

The two will pass around a medicine ball. They will have to tap their empty side with the medicine ball before they pass the ball back to their partner.

This should be done in 30 to 60 seconds. (ezr/kes)