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Five attractive jobs using only a smartphone

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-  /  Sun, July 22, 2018  /  02:02 pm
Five attractive jobs using only a smartphone

Although compact in size, a smartphone is the most important tool for certain jobs. (Shutterstock/Maria Savenko)

The era of technological disruption and advancement has led to the disappearance of many jobs. Some people may find it difficult to land a job, but if we look on the bright side, there are so many new kinds of jobs available, among them those we never imagined would exist.

Some of these new jobs can be done with the help of smartphones, instead of complicated tools and equipment. lists five jobs that require a smartphone and almost nothing else.


It is a retail job where we offer products through social media, but we don’t keep goods in stock. We take orders from customers and pass it on to a third party that could be a manufacturer, another retailer or wholesaler, who will send the goods directly to the customer.

Retailers pay the third party's price while the customers pay the price set by the retailer. Profit is therefore gained from the price difference.

Drop-shipping allows someone to engage in the retail business without having to build a store to keep and display goods. It is simple and profitable for the retailer and helpful for the third party’s sales.

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The compact size of a smartphone makes a writer’s job easier, as it can be used almost anytime and anywhere. Anyone can find the joy of writing through a smartphone and decide to make money from writing with a smartphone only.

There are many types of articles that a smartphone-writer could create, from fiction as short as 140 characters, a simple news article to a more comprehensive blog post. Writers could post and promote their articles on social media and if they know how or are lucky enough to gain many page views, they may be able to monetize their work. Fame would be a bonus.

Social media influencer

Those who are social media savvy may consider becoming a social media influencer. Quality photos, entertaining content and useful information may become popular and attract many followers.

Huge numbers of followers may lead to endorsement opportunities from high-end businesses. However, social media competitions could be tricky, as people can buy followers or steal photos and claim it as their own to gain profit.

If social media influencer competition is considered too tough, one can work as a social media manager for a company.


Following the rise of the blog is the vlog, or video blog. It seems like people are no longer satisfied with still photographs, and video content is in high demand. Some smartphone manufacturers are aware of this, and they come up with smartphones equipped with video cameras at almost professional specifications.

Vlog content may range from everyday family life to fancy holiday getaways, but the most important thing is that the content must make viewers feel related. Vloggers who deliver to that demand can successfully score brand partnership deals, but the competition just keeps getting tougher. 


Social media and smartphone cameras have helped people discover their photography talents. Starting off from photo hunting for the purpose of social media updates, one can become more serious and gain profit.

Photos can be monetized, for instance, when a company wishes to use them for business purposes and they purchase the photos from the photographer. Photos could also be sold to stock photography providers.

Otherwise, social media platforms that showcase photos can become an effective photography portfolio, resulting in job offers to come. (anm/mut)

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