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Tot school is all about playtime

Aruna Harjani and Yuliasri Perdani

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Mon, May 13, 2019  /  10:11 pm
Tot school is all about playtime

Reach for the stars: Children are encouraged to play together at Aerokids Play School in Sunter, North Jakarta (-/Aruna Harjani)

For many parents in Indonesia, the idea of babies starting school at the age of 6 months is unthinkable. But they may change their mind once they step into the classroom of Aerokids Play School in Sunter, North Jakarta. Accompanied by their mothers, babies aged between 6 and 11 months cheerfully play and sing along to songs. “We introduce different sounds to them. The alphabet is taught through singing. We teach fine-and gross motor activities and sensory arts,” says Aerokids owner Malty Nandwani. “For this age, [the class] is more of a mom and baby bonding time,” she explains, adding that nannies are allowed to take the place of mothers who are working. Bubble time: Toddlers enjoy music and bubbles at the end of the class. (-/-) What's the rush to put babies into school? Nandwani notes that babies’ brains are like a pathway with more tha...