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Three tips to speak in public with confidence

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Jakarta  /  Mon, June 3, 2019  /  09:37 pm
Three tips to speak in public with confidence

Public speaking is a skill we need to master for success in our careers and in business. (Shutterstock/Yanathep Aromoon)

Most people would agree that public speaking is hard. It’s the fear of embarrassing yourself in front of strangers. You are likely to get those butterflies in your stomach, while your nerves feel like they are going to burst and sometimes you will get your words mixed up.

But those are common experiences.

According to a survey conducted by Chapman University, public speaking is still one of the top fears in America. Even people who are used to speaking in front of a big audience feel nervous before stepping onto a podium.

However, the fear of speaking in public is something you must tackle, because public speaking skills are crucial for the success of your business or career path.

Following are three tips you may follow to speak with confidence in front of an audience.

1. Relax and speak slowly.
Take a deep breath and enunciate your words as slowly as you can. There is no need to rush through your speech. According to, speaking slowly will make you look in control and attentive to the audience. It will increase your chances to win their attention, and keep yourself from making mistakes.

How slow is slow enough? “Talk at a speed that feels awkwardly slow (because chances are, this is the right speed you should be at),” wrote And remember to pause.

You may feel more relaxed if you know you have practiced. Try to practice by filming yourself and talking in front of your family and friends. You’ll build up your confidence and you’ll know your errors by listening to their feedback. Constructive criticism is not a bad thing. 

2. Speak English, please.
You see all that jargon in your script? You may need to delete it. Knowledge-driven speeches become boring really quickly. You need to think about your audience and the place in which you’re doing the speech — they probably won’t understand what you’re trying to say if you hurl technical jargon at them.

You need to use casual, uniform language familiar to everyone. Look at the problem that you’re addressing and give the audience what they want as quickly and concisely as you can. Avoid rambling, as it will make the audience lose interest quickly.

Another helpful tip is to try not to use your hands too much. It will make you lose your concentration, and you’ll begin to ramble.

3. A stage persona? Go for it.

Remember Sacred Riana from Asia’s Got Talent? She created a character — a persona on the stage that everybody loved.

[RA::'America’s got Talent' judges vote for The Sacred Riana::

You can try doing something like that because it can fight off whatever insecurities that you might be facing. As they say, “Fake it till you make it.” Find a unique style and voice that can pull out the best parts of
your personality. (ely/mut)


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