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Twitter users praise Keanu Reeves for respectful photo-taking habits

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-  /  Tue, June 11, 2019  /  07:17 pm
Twitter users praise Keanu Reeves for respectful photo-taking habits

Reddick, Fishburne, Berry, Reeves, Stahelski, McShane, Dillon and Dacascos at the Keanu Reeves hand and footprint ceremony at the Chinese Theater in Los Angeles, California, on May 14. (Shutterstock/Kathy Hutchins)

Fans have dubbed Keanu Reeves a “respectful king” as a way of praising his manners during photo-taking sessions. Many people are aware that he doesn’t hold women when taking pictures with them. A tweet on the issue had gone viral, resulting in the actor becoming a trending topic on Twitter.

Reeves’ hands would slightly hover nearby in pictures with fans or even fellow celebrities like Suki Waterhouse or Dolly Parton.

This is a common practice is South Korea called “Hover Hands” and is a sign of good manners. Reeves seems to follow this practice, trying to respect people’s personal space to avoid making others uncomfortable during a photo session.

To say the least, this habit is endearing to many, and numerous Twitter users enthusiastically support Reeves’ behavior.

As any internet tale however, this story isn’t without controversy.

Some users are citing the habit as a “strategy” to avoid accusations of sexual misconduct, especially with the recent #MeToo movement, a movement where victims of sexual misconduct speak up about their experiences, affecting many public figures. Examples include actor Kevin Spacey and Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

While this movement has had a positive impact, its opponents say it’s causing a lot of paranoia of false allegations against male public figures.

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Some say Keanu is being paranoid. With one tweet from @KemziLinzi echoing the same sentiment. It reads, “Lol Keanu ain’t taking no chances,” with an accompanying picture that shows arrows pointing at Reeves’ hovering hands.

Twitter users were quick to defend Reeves, saying that false allegations were very rare and that respecting boundaries did not have to come from a place of paranoia.

Twitter user @dayofdasein summarized it succinctly, “I’ve seen a couple people comment ‘it’s sad it has to be like this’, what’s actually sad is the obsession we have with touching women at any given moment. He’s just being respectful of others[‘] bodies *what a concept*”. (ayr/mut)

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