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Four tips to cope with PMS

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-  /  Sun, July 7, 2019  /  05:06 am
Four tips to cope with PMS

One tip to cope with premenstrual syndrome is to make time to relax. (Shutterstock/Alena Ozerova)

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) affects a high number of women, with many experiencing mood swings in the days before menstruation.

According to Healthline, PMS is a collection of physical and emotional symptoms that start a week or so before a woman’s period. Other than mood swings, symptoms of PMS might include sadness, irritability and anxiety.

Though they may not be life threatening, the symptoms can still make day-to-day life more challenging. Listed below are four tips on how to cope with PMS, as compiled by Yahoo.

1. Eat nourishing food

Eating cooked nourishing foods (especially when warm) like vegetables, grains and greens help in improving your digestion and blood sugar as well as preventing bloating. Although raw fruits and vegetables help to hydrate your body, they require more effort to be broken down. A safer and more comfortable option would be to go for foods that are cooked and easy to absorb.

2. Add up your minerals

Getting your period means losing blood daily. It is crucial to boost your iron and increase magnesium intake to reduce cramps. Alternatives would be foods like meat, seaweed, dairy, oatmeal, salads and grain bowls, all of which contain zinc.

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3. Relax

You are more likely to experience PMS symptoms if you are stressed, due to hormonal reasons. It is crucial that you avoid any type of stress in the best way possible.

Finishing up your assignment so you have more time to relax, going to the gym, watching a beloved movie or television series can help you relax as well as benefiting your body.

4. Self-care routine

“Menstruation is an incredible opportunity to get in touch with our bodies and our well-being,” said Kelsey Haywood Lucas, a beauty and wellness editor.

She recommends creating a routine that includes your hobbies and interests. “Creating a routine is essential,” she said. “For me, it’s all about pampering. For others, it might mean cooking a really nutritious meal or whipping up a batch of dark chocolate brownies that’ll totally satisfy a craving (and, hey, offer some antioxidants too).” (vit/wng)

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