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Gina S. Noer defies taboo with 'Dua Garis Biru'

Yuliasri Perdani

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Fri, August 9, 2019  /  11:15 am
Gina S. Noer defies taboo with 'Dua Garis Biru'

Showing the truth: Prolific scriptwriter Gina S. Noer made her directorial debut in 'Dua Garis Biru' (Two Blue Stripes), which tells the story of high school sweethearts Bima and Dara whose lives are turned upside down after discovering Dara’s pregnancy. (Wienda Parwitasari/JP)

“I have never talked about sex in public this much in my life,” chuckled Gina S. Noer, a noted scriptwriter who started her directorial debut in teenaged drama, Dua Garis Biru (Two Blue Stripes). In the last few months, Gina and the movie cast toured around Java to promote the movie, which centers on high schoolers Bima (Angga Yunanda) and Dara (Zara JKT48) who face confusions and consequences upon discovering Dara’s pregnancy. The movie promo tours, unavoidably, prompted them to talk a lot about sex education – a topic that is often avoided by many parents in the country. “We never really talked about this important issue,” said Gina, who also penned Dua Garis Biru.    “We are in the country that when a woman is harassed, [people will say] ‘It’s your fault that you did not cover your body’. […]...