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‘Sang Sukrasana’: a ‘wayang orang’ play for modern life

Anselmo Jason

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Mon, November 11, 2019  /  03:10 pm
‘Sang Sukrasana’: a ‘wayang orang’ play for modern life

Standoff: Ruth Marini (left) and Lukman Sardi come face to face in 'Sang Sukrasana', a 'wayang orang' performance which will be held on Nov. 17. (Image Dynamics/-)

Senior artist Jaya Suprana is bringing his notable friends together to put on a wayang orang performance. Indonesia is home to a diverse array of cultures and customs..One such tradition is wayang (traditional Indonesian shadow puppetry). Among the most recognizable pieces of Indonesian heritage, wayang tells a dramatic story with shadows. A puppet master sits behind a screen and brings the puppet's projections to life. While the term wayang usually refers to the performance, it can also be used to describe the leather puppets themselves. Another prominent form of wayang is wayang orang (human wayang), where puppets are replaced by real human actors. This type of wayang is an integral part of Indonesian culture. Multi-talented senior Indonesian artist Jaya Suprana knows the importance of preserving wayang. He founded ...