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Dwi Woro Retno Mastuti embraces youth to preserve ‘wayang potehi’

A. Kurniawan Ulung

The Jakarta Post

Depok, West Java  /  Wed, January 22, 2020  /  12:55 pm
Dwi Woro Retno Mastuti embraces youth to preserve ‘wayang potehi’

Fun times: Children watch a 'wayang potehi' show held by Rumah Cinwa at the Kaldera garden in Depok. (JP/A. Kurniawan Ulung)

Nothing makes Rumah Cinwa founder and puppet master Dwi Woro Retno Mastuti happier than seeing youngsters’ enthusiasm for preserving the nearly extinct wayang potehi (Chinese glove puppets). It has been an exciting January for Dwi because her cultural space, Rumah Cinwa (Cinwa House), will perform wayang potehi shows for a whole month at several big malls in Jakarta to celebrate the upcoming Chinese New Year, which falls on Jan. 25. The Depok-based Rumah Cinwa has always been dedicated to preserving the wayang potehi art and, for the 61-year-old Dwi, the shows in January present many opportunities for her to introduce the art to more people, particularly those of the younger generations. She said she was also proud to say that it was not her, but her volunteers, who would perform on stage. All of them are young people who belong to what is often described as Generation Z. ...