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10 Indonesian electronic artists who deserve more attention

Dylan Amirio

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Mon, February 15, 2021  /  03:36 pm
10 Indonesian electronic artists who deserve more attention

Sabrina Eka combines dark atmospheres with nimble drums and simple basslines to create tracks that twist and turn in every direction (Sabrina Eka/Courtesy of Sabrina Eka)

“I feel that electronic music [in Indonesia] keeps evolving,” remarks Alvin Bahar, the lead editor for long-running music and culture magazine Hai. “So many producers have popped up throughout the years that have offered us cool things to listen to”.  Electronic music in Indonesia has certainly come a long way ever since the days of the groundbreaking Jakarta Movement ’05 compilation first put the spotlight on under-the-radar electronic acts in the country. In the 15 years since, an explosion of talent has been populating the Indonesian music scene with their takes on house, techno, industrial, hip-hop, ambient and many other sounds.  Some have crossed over into the mainstream, while others (sometimes on purpose) remain active in the underground.  Below is a list of 10 electronic artists from across Indonesia who are currently active ...