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Crypto art: A solution or a problem for the art community?

Yudhistira Agato

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Wed, March 24, 2021  /  08:00 am
Crypto art: A solution or a problem for the art community?

Ardneks has worked on a number of illustrations internationally, including album covers and concert posters. (Ardneks collection/Courtesy of Kendra Ahimsa)

Over the past two weeks, the Indonesian art scene has been in uproar over alleged plagiarism involving a crypto artist, Twisted Vacancy, whose body of work may have artistically borrowed too much from another Indonesian illustrator, Kendra “Ardneks” Ahimsa. Even though ownership and copyright have always been issues in the art world, the fact that Twisted Vacancy operates within the crypto art market, which is foreign to many, makes the discussion a lot more complex and nuanced. The 32-year-old Kendra, however, likes to keep it simple when talking about imitation. Widely known for his psychedelic illustrations using bright, bold colors, which he has been refining for the past eight years, Kendra claimed that Twisted Vacancy had been stealing his “whole artistic identity.” “It’s not just the color palettes but also the patterns, aesthetics and ...