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Seven reasons why you should travel solo

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Jakarta  /  Sun, October 14, 2018  /  05:07 pm
Seven reasons why you should travel solo

Traveling solo to places you have wanted to visit is beneficial. Here are seven reasons why. (Shutterstock/lzf)

Any city-dweller understands the feeling of being suffocated by the concrete jungle, but finding an excuse and company to visit that certain destination you have desired may be tricky. If you finally decide to travel on your own, bear in mind that it comes with its own upsides.

Lifehack has compiled these good reasons why you should consider flying somewhere solo:

1. A moment for mirror talk

We are not talking about the Fight Club style of facing your evil twin, but you will get to know yourself better when you travel alone. Without the company of others, you will need to look to yourself and within yourself to make decisions and face fears that you did not have the time or convenience to face.

As we all know, travelling can reduce stress and calm your body and mind without the weight of the world-bubble that you usually live in.

There is plenty of time for self-reflection, which of course, leads to the other benefits on this list.

2. Finding comfort in discomfort

Being adaptable is a must for living in modern society, whether you live and work in the heart of a metropolis, or make a living in the suburbs. Meanwhile, going to an unfamiliar place may provide new challenges that put your capability of overcoming difficulties and obstacles to the test. This will help you grow as an individual.

3. (No need to) “Make It Rain”!

Although you may not be able to share your transport and accommodation budget when traveling solo, you are the only one who decides where and what to eat, or whether you choose the least expensive room in order to save more money for other things.

You are less likely to make unwanted expenses because of a travel companion.

4. You become more outgoing

It is actually less arduous to make new friends when you do not have your own company with you. Locals would be less hesitant to approach a lone traveler and be more interested in your reasons for traveling without company.

It also compels people to want to help you, seeing that you only have yourself to rely on. You may be need to be careful, however, with those who act too friendly.

5. Choose your own adventure

Do you remember those “choose your own adventure” books growing up? Well, now you can do so in real life. Compromising for other people’s needs is no longer something you need to take into consideration.

Solo travel means that extra activities and adventures are now all for you to decide. This can make your trip feel more fulfilling and the time you have more well-spent.

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6. Me, Myself and I

You are actually the first person you need to get to know and the only person you will have your entire life. Friends, spouses and even family will all have their own challenges to deal with and do not always have time for you. You, however, always have time for yourself. Deciding whether to spend that time on other people or with your personal hobbies is entirely up to you.

It is important to respect your own needs and you will realize just how much you had neglected your own desires and wants up until you only have yourself to cater to. This will not only help you understand yourself better, but also the people around you, be it co-workers in the office, long-time friends, or family.

Knowing how you behave when you have neglected your own needs will help you identify when others need to take some time to also have a one-on-one with themselves.

7. Feeling more confident

Gaining skills and overcoming obstacles is not only great for self-improvement, but also self-confidence. Challenging your limits will help you realize just how capable and how resilient you are, not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally.

Knowing your limits also boosts your confidence, allowing you to know what level of difficulty you can overcome and being able to identify when you need outside help.

The next time you’re looking for a fresher, re-invigorated outlook on life, remember that traveling solo is beneficial for you. (acr/mut)

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