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South Sulawesi introduces new tourism logo

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Jakarta  /  Tue, January 8, 2019  /  10:36 am
South Sulawesi introduces new tourism logo

South Sulawesi Governor Nurdin Abdullah introduced the region's new tourism logo in Makassar on Jan. 4. (Courtesy of Antara/File)

South Sulawesi governor Nurdin Abdullah has introduced a new tourism logo for the region, expressing hope that it could serve as a familiar icon among local and international communities. 

"We appreciate what has been created by the youth in making a new logo for South Sulawesi tourism. The nuance is good and this is the best of all the designs in the contest," Nurdin said on as quoted by Antara news agency. 

Revealed on Friday, the logo was chosen from the tourism identity rebranding competition held by the local administration in search of a fresh look for its tourism program. 

"If there were none that we had liked, we would have certainly returned to the old logo. But it turns out there is, so now our focus is to promote it. If we get a positive response from the community, then of course we would officially launch it," Nurdin said. 

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The logo was created by Rahmat Zulfikar, a contestant in the competition. The region's tourism overhaul is a priority program by Nurdin, who was inaugurated in September last year. 

As part of the rebrand, the administration held a South Sulawesi Brand Identity Design Workshop with the aim of producing a positive new symbol of the region's tourism that would serve as the representation of an integrated spirit and management. 

Twelve people participated in the workshop, which ran for three days before the individuals then had two weeks to create a logo. (liz/wng)