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A night in Tane Olan jungle

Mark Heyward

The Jakarta Post

Malinau, North Kalimantan  /  Thu, January 30, 2020  /  04:13 pm
A night in Tane Olan jungle

Heading upstream: Krimson, guide and boatman, steers visitors into the Dayak heartlands of Tane Olan. (JP/Mark Heyward)

Malinau, North Kalimantan, is only few hours away from the busy, urban centers of Java, but a lifetime away in so many ways. Malinau is a remote area, close to Indonesia’s border with Malaysia on the east coast of the island of Borneo. If one makes it as far as the small town of Malinau, it is only an hour’s drive along a bumpy road to the Kenyah Dayak village of Setulang. From here, it is a one-hour ride in a canoe to the primal forest of Tane Olan. Arriving in Malinau, a three-hour boat ride from Tarakan, the largest city in North Kalimantan, it is immediately obvious that this is Dayak territory, the native tribal community of Kalimantan. The familiar sculptures and bright colors that identify the Kayan and Kenyah tribes are evident on wooden buildings and government offices. Safe haven: The Dayak hunters' camp in Tane Olan is now open to visitors who wish t...