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Rossa: Seven facts and tips

Ni Nyoman Wira
Ni Nyoman Wira

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta | Sun, July 16, 2017 | 06:08 pm
Rossa: Seven facts and tips

Rossa on the cover of her new album, 'A New Chapter', which was released in April. (

One of Indonesia's most celebrated female vocalists, Rossa, recently revealed her dream of singing a duet with Celine Dion to The Jakarta Post. The singer, whose latest album A New Chapter was released in April and marked the  21st anniversary of her entrance to the music industry, also shared some recording tips. 

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The Jakarta Post (TJP): Name three things about you that many people don’t know.

Rossa (R): I like making friends, I love doing business and I'm a really "chill" girl.

TJP: What are the three albums you would like people to listen to?

R: A New Chapter, my latest album, because I think it is one of my best albums. I love listening to the latest Bruno Mars album [24K Magic] and I love listening to Ariana Grande’s latest album [Dangerous Woman] as well.

TJP: Who are the three singers (dead or alive) you would like to collaborate with?

R: My dream has always been to meet Celine Dion in person and getting to know her personally. If a miracle happens that allows me to do a duet with her, that would be – oh, my God! – that would be amazing. I [also] love Bruno Mars and The Weeknd.

TJP: What are your top tips for maintaining your voice?

R: When you need to sing, you need to have proper sleep – a lot of sleep is really good – and you have to practice, of course.

TJP: What are some things you do before a recording?

R: I don't talk much before a recording session and I have to have proper sleep the night before. I usually don't listen to the song because I need that "fresh air" when I first sing it. For a new song that I am going to record, I listen to it once or twice just to get the melody, but then I don't practice it. I usually just warm up my voice to get a good sound, and then I just sing. Then you can get the fresh ambiance, vibes [and] feelings that make the song sound sincere.

TJP: Do you prefer singing in Indonesian or English?

R: Of course Indonesian, my mother tongue, but I love doing things differently, so it was a very nice experience to have four English songs on my new album.

TJP: Where is the shooting location for your next single?

R: I think I want to do it in Paris for the next single. I don't know if they [my management team] want to put up their money [for it], but that would be really awesome. (asw)