Djoko Santoso says he is ready to run for president

The Jakarta Post

The Jakarta Post


Jakarta   /  Sun, June 16, 2013  /  12:55 pm

The National Military (TNI) commander for the period 2007-2010, Gen.Djoko Santoso, has said he will run for the presidency in the 2014 election driven by his concern and moral responsibility for the fate and future of the nation.

'€œI have long been urged by colleagues to run for the presidency. I do understand that a leader has to make a sacrifice and reconcile himself to his sufferings for the people he leads. But now I declare that I'€™m ready to run,'€ said Djoko during the Indonesian Haj Brotherhood Association (IPHI) meeting in the Asrama Haji complex in Pondok Gede, East Jakarta, on Saturday evening, as quoted by Antara news agency.

Djoko said that he was motivated to participate in the national election process as it was a manifestation of his constitutional rights and responsibility as a citizen. It was also part of his commitment to the ethos of amar ma'€™ruf nahi munkar (do good deeds and abandon bad ones).

Djoko said he made the decision to run as a presidential candidate after he conducted an Istikharah prayer (a prayer to seek answers) when performing umroh (minor haj pilgrimage) to the Holy Land.

'€œOnce I decide to take on a challenge, I don'€™t take a step back. Therefore, I have arranged various preparatory steps and concepts concerning my candidacy in the presidential election,'€ said Djoko who is currently chairman of the IPHI'€™s board of patrons.

'€œThis year and next year are political years. Therefore, I'€™m calling on all IPHI members to positively respond to the strong will of Djoko Santoso who will run for the presidency in 2014,'€ IPHI chairman Kurdi Mustofa said.

Currently, the IPHI has 4.7 million members. (ebf)