Karetan Market lures visitors with archery

Pesona Indonesia | Jakarta

Jakarta   /  Sat, November 11, 2017  /  04:06 pm

Jemparingan or Mataraman-style archery involves targeting a 2.5 by 20 centimeter pendulum from a shooting distance of at least 35 meters. The archers take aim from a sitting position and wear traditional Javanese attire during competitions. (JP/Stefanus Ajie)

The Karetan Market in Radja Pendapa Camp held by the Indonesian Charms Generation (GenPI) Central Java will feature an archery activity by the Semarang Archery School on the second week of the event.

The archery activity will be available for visitors on Nov. 12.

“We want to introduce the locals to archery through Karetan Market. We’ve partnered up with an archery school which will bring their tools to Karetan Market so that visitors can try to use them,” explained Karetan Market committee head Mei Kristianti.

“Stories about archery will be featured at Kretan Market. Those who are curious can come to Segrumung Hamlet, Meteseh, Boja, Kendal,” she added.

Archery has long been a part of Indonesian culture and history, wayang (shadow puppets) characters such as Arjuna, Abimanyu and Adipati Karna are described to use bows and arrows as their main weapons.

Moreover, Indonesian athletes Lilies Handayani, Nurfitriyana Saiman and Kusuma Wardhani gave Indonesia its first silver Olympic medal for archery at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea.

At the event, an array of traditional dishes such as pecel (boiled vegetables with peanut sauce), tengkleng (mutton soup) and grilled squid as well as traditional games such as egrangdakon, kelereng (marbles) and gobaksodor are also featured here.

“GenPI Jateng wants to make Karetan Market as an educational place that shines the spotlight on less-popular legends and stories. We can promote them through photos, videos and vlogs,” said GenPI Jateng coordinator Shafigh Pahlevi Lontoh. (asw)