The mystical beauty of Togean

Jerry Adiguna

The Jakarta Post

Togean Islands, Central Sulawesi

Jakarta   /  Tue, August 21, 2018  /  02:30 pm

The village of the Bajo tribe on Papan Island.(JP/Jerry Adiguna)

Thousands of islands across Indonesia are renowned for their natural charms. Togean Islands in Central Sulawesi is one of the hidden gems. Located in the center of Tomini Bay, Togean Islands, which belongs to Tojo Una Una regency, was declared a national park for its rich and diverse natural wonders that make it one of the best places for tourists wanting to briefly escape modernity to experience nature’s beauty.

Renowned for its white sand beaches and clear blue seas, Togean Islands is situated in the middle of the World Coral Reef Trian- gle and home to a mangrove forest that boasts 33 types of mangroves.

The islands recently hosted Togean International Oceanic Festival, featuring local and international performers and putting it on the list of the archipelago’s maritime festivals.

The festival, running from Aug. 7 to 11, was held at three locations, namely Kabalutan, Malenge and Papan islands. Each island hosted art and culture shows.

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Papan Island is one of the homes of the Bajo tribe on Togean Islands. The islands are inhabited by a number of tribes, namely the Togean, the Bajo, the Babongko and the Saluan. The sea is where their culture is rooted and developed, and on which their livelihoods depend.

One of the extraordinary things at the festival was a floating stage set in the center of a bridge connecting Papan and Malenge Islands.

The successful event reflected people’s spirit in preserving the islands while showing its natural beauty to the world.