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9 interesting facts about Apple's new 'spaceship' campus

Lee Min Kok

The Straits Times

 /  Thu, February 9, 2017  /  02:20 pm
9 interesting facts about Apple's new 'spaceship' campus

The entire project of Apple Campus 2 is said to cost in the region of US$5 billion (S$7.1 billion), a figure that CEO Tim Cook neither confirmed nor disputed in a 2015 interview. (

After more than five years in the making, Apple Campus 2 - the futurisitc new headquarters of the American technology company - is set to welcome Apple employees to the premises later this year.

The brainchild of co-founder Steve Jobs, the flying saucer-like campus in Cupertino, California, has been the subject of much fascination as it aims to live up to the late Mr Jobs' billing of being the "best office building in the world".

Here are nine impressive facts about the campus.

1. It cost a bomb

The entire project is said to cost in the region of US$5 billion (S$7.1 billion), a figure that CEO Tim Cook neither confirmed nor disputed in a 2015 interview.

Initially estimated at a more modest half a billion dollars, the bill steadily increased over the years.

2. It's massive

The campus' circular main building alone spans a 2.8 million sq ft area and has a 1.6km-long circumference.

It can house more than 13,000 employees and will incorporate plenty of open seating areas, as well as 83,000 sq ft of space dedicated for meeting and breakout spaces for staff to relax, have their meals or hold informal meetings.

3. Underground facilities

To free up more room for natural landscaping, much of the parking on campus will be underground.

There will also be a new 1,000 seat underground auditorium, which will allow Apple to host big events on campus.

4. Fitness first

Employees will have access to a 100,000 sq ft "wellness center", located north-west of the main building.

The US$75 million facility is expected to cater to the entire Apple community of around 20,000 people.


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5. Mega cafeteria

The main building will include a 60,000 sq ft dining area with moveable seating that can host up to 2,100 people.

Another 20,000 sq ft of mezzanine space can accommodate an additional 600, while there will also be 1,750 outdoor terrace seats.

6. Trees galore

Roughly 7,000 trees will surround the entire campus, with Apple sparing no expense to hire a leading aborist from Stanford University to landscape the area and restore indigenous plant life, such as apple and apricot orchards.

Some of the fruit trees will be harvested and their produce served in the cafeteria.

When the campus is fully completed, 80 per cent of it will consist of green space.

7. Green and clean

The campus has been envisioned to run on 100 per cent renewable energy, including solar power and biofuels.

There will be 700,000 sq ft of solar panels on the roof of the main building.

According to media reports, over 157,000 gallons of recycled water will be supplied to the campus daily. This will involve the laying of over 4km of pipeline.

8. Getting around campus

Some 1,000 bicycles will be available on site to help employees travel around the sprawling campus.

There will be an extensive network of jogging and cycling trails to make the surrounding area more park-like.

9. Giant glass walls

The four-storey main building, which will be circular in shape, will have huge walls of glass that allows employees to either look out to the exterior landscape or gaze inward into its indoor garden.

More than 3,000 sheets of curved glass will reportedly be used.

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