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Music app promises to improve your hearing

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Jakarta  /  Fri, February 10, 2017  /  11:31 am
Music app promises to improve your hearing

Earlogic managing director Ji Hoon Won, who helped create the TSC Music app, in an interview with Digital Trends described TSC as "physiotherapy for hearing.” (Shutterstock/-)

Those seeking to improve their hearing can consider downloading Threshold Sound Conditioning (TSC) Music, an app that customizes sound according to users' hearing abilities.

The app was created by Earlogic, a company specializing on audio technology. Its managing director and the app’s co-creator, Ji Hoon Won, told Digital Trends that TSC was like “physiotherapy for hearing.”

For new users, the app provides five key frequencies to test their hearing. After that, it will determine the worst key frequency. “And [it] generates customized sound signals to stimulate them at threshold level, [referring to your minimal] audible level,” Won said.

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TSC will store that data and use it to set the equalizer and provide daily hearing conditioning on TSC Active Graphs, as quoted by Earlogic believes that their users' hearing will improve after routinely using the app for one month for at least one or two hours per day. Users are recommended to wear headphones when using the app and set the volume at a level between 50 and 55 percent.

The app is said to be able to play music stored on iPhones as well as from streaming providers like Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube.

TSC has reportedly been tested by Stanford University researchers and an abstract has been published on the Neurology Journal. Ji Hoon Won also stated that, based on the study, seven of 10 people showed an improvement of 10 decibel in their hearing.

The app's beta version is currently only available for iOS users. (wir/kes)