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Kaka 'Slank' challenges fans to become vegans

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The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Sat, March 31, 2018  /  10:06 am
Kaka 'Slank' challenges fans to become vegans

Kaka from Slank (left) challenged his fans to try going vegan for seven days. (JP/I Gede Dharma JS)

Rock band Slank’s vocalist, Kaka, challenged his fans to try the vegan lifestyle he has been leading.

“I am a vegan now, and I challenge you to go vegan for seven days,” he said on Wednesday to Antara News Agency.

The rock star has been an avid supporter of the Indonesian Vegetarian Society (IVS), and claims that going vegan changed his life for the better.

The seven-day vegan challenge is a program of the IVS where 100 successful participants will result in an automatic contribution for malnourished children in Indonesia.

The IVS and VSI Charity will donate Rp 50,000 per successful participant to one malnourished child. 

Kaka has left his dark past of drug abuse and has been a vegan for almost a year. He continued the healthy lifestyle by quitting smoking. “I want to eat like villagers, simple dishes like rice, vegetables, tempeh (soybean cake). And now I have gained higher respect for animals, so I don’t have the heart to consume meat anymore,” he said. 

The IVS is a nonprofit Indonesian vegetarian organization that is part of the International Vegetarian Union. Formed in 1998, the IVS aims to raise awareness of vegetarianism in Indonesia and preserve life through vegetarianism. 

The organization is also active in holding vegetarian seminars featuring nutritionists, physicians and religious leaders. More info can be obtained on their website: (asw)