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Original writer of ‘Benyamin Biang Kerok’ slapped with lawsuit

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Jakarta  /  Wed, April 18, 2018  /  04:24 pm
Original writer of ‘Benyamin Biang Kerok’ slapped with lawsuit

A still from "Benyamin Biang Kerok". (Falcon's official YouTube/File)

Falcon Pictures filed a lawsuit against Syamsul Fuad, the original screenwriter of legendary movie Benyamin Biang Kerok, which was released in 1972. The lawsuit was filed under the name HB Naveen, a producer at Falcon Pictures, via his lawyer, Lydia Wongsonegoro.

Lydia said Syamsul’s claim as the rightful copyright holder of Benyamin Biang Kerok and his demand to Falcon Pictures for royalties from the 2018 reboot of the movie was detrimental to the company.

“He speaks to the media all this time as if he has the right, and it’s detrimental to Falcon. So legal action was taken. He has not been determined as the rightful [copyright holder], but he keeps talking, right?” she said as quoted by

MAX Pictures, which produced the movie with Falcon, also filed a lawsuit with producer Ody Mulya Hidayat as the plaintiff. 

Ody explained that the lawsuit came as a response to Syamsul’s lawsuit against him and MAX Pictures.

“I would like to say that his claims on owning the copyright are not true. He does not have the right to say so. I am not after money; I just want justice to be served,” he said.

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Ody Mulya Hidayat, along with HB Naveen, both producers behind the 2018 reboot of Benyamin Biang Kerok, has previously been charged with copyright infringement by Syamsul Fuad. 

The lawsuit was filed by Syamsul following three warnings and requests he sent to no response from Falcon and MAX.

The 81-year-old screenwriter is demanding Rp 1 billion (US$73,000) material compensation for copyright of the film, Rp 1,000 in royalties for every ticket sold and Rp 10 billion for immaterial compensation, which covers his moral rights as the writer and copyright holder of the Benyamin Biang Kerok movie. 

Lastly, Syamsul is also demanding that the defendants formally apologize to him and publish a public clarification about the copyright infringement. (asw)