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New additive allows avocados to stay ripe longer

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The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Sat, June 23, 2018  /  02:19 pm
New additive allows avocados to stay ripe longer

A new additive has been invented to lengthen the shelf life of avocados. (Shutterstock/haireena)

As anyone who’s tried to make guacamole at home knows, it can be hard to find avocados that don’t go from under-ripe and rock-solid to overripe and mushy in a couple of days. But a new invention looks like it might be able to solve that.

Mashable reported that Costco is now selling Del Rey Avocados, which are coated in Apeel, an odorless, tasteless additive. According to its creators, Apeel is made from naturally occurring lipids and glycerolipids, and it slows the rate at which avocados lose water and oxidize, thus also slowing the ripening process.

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The creation of Apeel is supported by funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which described the product as a potential solution to prevent bacteria, fungi and insects from ruining crops, help the sustainable growth of crops and possibly extend its shelf life without refrigeration.

Avocados treated with Apeel will retail for US$5 a bag and are projected to last two to three times longer than untreated produce. (sul/mut)