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‘Kulari Ke Pantai’ releases original movie soundtrack

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Jakarta  /  Tue, June 26, 2018  /  03:32 pm
‘Kulari Ke Pantai’ releases original movie soundtrack

A still from 'Kulari Ke Pantai' (Miles Films/File)

The soundtrack for the upcoming children's movie, Kulari Ke Pantai (I Run to the Beach), has been released, including the theme song “Kulari Ke Pantai” performed by pop trio RAN.

Among the six tracks on the album is a new version of RAN’s “Selamat Pagi” (Good Morning), which features the trio as well as the lead actors, Maisha Kanna and Li’li Latisha.

The film has also released its third single, “Ibuku Cantik” (My Mother is Beautiful), created by Numata's Mhala and Tantra, along with the film's producer, Mira Lesmana.

“When Mhala and Tantra gave me the melody, they asked me to write the lyrics,” said Mira in a statement. “I immediately thought of the relationship between Sam and her mother Uci in the film. Their melody is sweet, and I tried to describe how Sam admired her mother in this song.”

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Sung by actress Maisha, the track “Ibuku Cantik” also appears on the album. The music video for the song was helmed by Riri Riza, who also directed the film. “Both Sam and Uci in the film are sweet and compatible; that’s what I wanted to show in the music video,” said Riri.

Scheduled for a June 28 release, Kulari Ke Pantai follows two cousins, Sam (Maisha Kanna) and Happy (Li’li Latisha), who have very different characters. Happy’s mother (Karina Suwandi) wants her daughter to befriend her cousin and so encourages Happy to go on a road trip with Sam and her mother, Uci (Marsha Timothy). (wir/kes)