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Round or square?: Puzzlemaker's gold mug will make you look twice

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The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Sat, August 11, 2018  /  02:36 pm

A gold mug made by British artist and puzzlemaker Tony Fisher has created a buzz thanks to a design that appears to be both square and round.

In a video recently published by Fisher on YouTube, titled “Is the mug round or square?”, the mug is placed in front of a mirror to create different perspectives, which clearly shows the different shape of the item depending on where you look.

Fisher pours milk into the mug and stirs it around using a spoon.

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“The milk and spoon were used to show there was no video trickery. Milk shows up better than other liquids in the gold mug. The mug is based on a shape devised by Kokichi Sugihara,” read the video’s description.

To further educated netizens, Fisher uploaded a second video about the mug titled “Magic golden mug and puzzle illusions.”

“I wanted to create an interesting puzzle to solve, but also one that tricks your eyes into seeing something that isn’t there,” he said in the video. 

Fisher has been recognized as a pioneer in new puzzle design and technique creations, according to Last year, he was recognized as the maker of the world's biggest Rubik's Cube by Guinness Book of World Records. (kes)