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Asian Games inspiration to eat like an athlete

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Jakarta  /  Thu, August 30, 2018  /  03:27 pm
Asian Games inspiration to eat like an athlete

The athletes eat a variety of healthy foods to become champions. (Shutterstock/Nitr)

Watching the athletes competing for medals in Asian Games, one may wonder what they eat to stay energized and become champions. reported that the Indonesian Asian Games Organizing Committee (INASGOC) provides food for athletes nonstop from 5 a.m. to 1 a.m. the next day.

INASGOC catering department vice director Yooky Tjahrial said to KompasTravel on Wednesday that all foods were prepared in the kitchen in the dining hall of the athletes village in Kemayoran. It provides Indonesian, Western, Middle Eastern, Central Asian and Southeast Asian food. Other foods are also available for athletes to snack on.

What exactly is served in the athletes dining hall? Find the list below.

Assorted pasta

Spaghetti and penne with bolognaise sauce are available in the Western food section. The pasta dishes are said to be favorites among the athletes.

Canai bread and curry

Athletes who are into food from that region may head to the canai bread and curry station to satiate their cravings. Special bread such as pita is also available there.

Grilled meat

Marinated and grilled meat in this station comes with different sauces including mushroom, tomato and barbecue sauce, as well as meat broth, for the athletes' protein intake.

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Salad and soup bar

Apart from vegetables and nuts, the athletes’ salad bar is also filled with the likes of tuna, pepperoni and boiled chicken breast. Soups may include Chinese-style chicken, mushroom and corn.

All dishes come with labels and notes on nutritional facts. (mut)