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Hello Kitty debuts as vlogger on YouTube

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The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Wed, September 5, 2018  /  11:00 am

Japanese cartoon character Hello Kitty made her debut as a YouTube vlogger in late August.

Uploaded onto the Hello Kitty [Sanrio Official] channel, Hello Kitty makes an introduction and tells of her decision to become a vlogger. Although both her company, Sanrio, and manager said the “internet is dangerous” and “it’s impossible”, she was apparently persistent. Though the character seems to have no mouth, Hello Kitty speaks Japanese in the video for about five minutes.

According to The Verge, the beloved character also said she might feature her friends, Kirimi-chan and Gudetama, in her videos later on.

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Hello Kitty's full profile is available on the channel's About page, which states her full name as Kitty White and her favorite food as her mother’s apple pie.

At the time of writing, the channel had been followed by 32,000 users and her first video had been viewed by more than 230,000 users. (wir/wng)