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Healthy alternatives to coffee you should try

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Jakarta  /  Mon, September 17, 2018  /  07:03 am
Healthy alternatives to coffee you should try

Masala chai also contains antioxidants that can cure colds and fevers, as well as increase your body's immunity. (Shutterstock/File)

Coffee is probably the most-loved beverage in the world. Coffee enthusiasts will enthusiastically tell you how it helps them stay awake and boost their energy.

However, the many benefits of coffee do not mean it will not trigger any serious health problems when being consumed excessively, such as heart attacks, headaches, digestion problems, and others.

As reported by, 100 milliliters of coffee contain around 92 milligrams of  potassium, 0.7 mg niacin, 0.05 mg manganese, 8 mg magnesium and 0.01 mg riboflavin. People are advised to not consume more than 400 mg or around four cups of coffee a day.

A coffee overdose may trigger symptoms like anxiety, increased heart rate, nausea, sweating, dizziness and insomnia, among others.

The alternative is to try one of these healthy drinks whenever you feel in need of a concentration booster.

1. Matcha green tea

Matcha is made of green tea that has been processed into a powder. It is rich in antioxidants, chlorophyll and fiber. Matcha is said to help prevent heart disease and it is beneficial to those suffering from Type 2 diabetes, as well as to fight cancer. Additionally, this drink can also provide you with a sufficient caffeine injection and energy boost to stay alert.

2. Masala chai

This Indian beverage is quite popular and contains enough caffeine to make you feel energized. It is infused with Indian spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, ginger and others, resulting in a rather strong taste. 

Masala chai also contains antioxidants that can cure colds and fevers, as well as increase your body’s immunity.

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3. Turmeric tea

Many people consume turmeric tea for its health benefits due to its active ingredient, curcumin. This beverage has a golden yellowish color and strong taste. 

It can increase the body’s immunity, relieves inflammation and arthritic symptoms and prevents cancer and Alzheimer’s, among other. Sufferers of heart disease and gallstones can also include this drink on their list.

4. Hot chocolate

Not only delicious, this beverage can also increase energy and is especially recommended for consumption in the morning to kick-start your day.

Chocolate contains a neurotransmitter called anandamide and it is said to help maintain mental health as well as trigger happiness. Cacao is also a source of magnesium that can help you stay active. (kes)