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Five ways to have a happy work life

Rilind Elezaj


Jakarta  /  Fri, November 16, 2018  /  03:04 pm
Five ways to have a happy work life

Start finding fulfillment in your job and limit your observations to the positive things only. (Shutterstock/File)

Do you hate your job? If yes, why do you hate it?

Is it because your boss is always at your neck? Is it because you find your job too demanding that you sometimes struggle to meet deadlines? Or is your personal life so messed up that you vent all your frustrations to your colleagues and bosses?

Whichever your reasons are, you need to change that for the better and boost your work life. For your own health, you need to figure out ways of bringing your smile back at work.

Here are a few to start you off.

1. Sort out your personal “work-unrelated” problems

Did you know that your personal life contributes to almost a third of your happiness/stress at work? If your work-unrelated life is in order, chances of you being happy at work are higher than when your life is a mess.

Some people argue that if you wish to be happy at work, just don’t carry your personal issues to your workplace. That argument is valid but, in all honesty, the line separating your personal and work issues is too thin that you might find it almost impossible to tell one from the other.

There is a better way of achieving happiness at work, though: putting your personal life in order.

Are you stressed out because you are unable to pay for your kids’ education? Get an education plan for them. Are you constantly fighting with your spouse? Don’t wait until that stresses you to death; do what you must to end to it now. Are you sad because nothing seems to be working for you? Dust yourself off, go have a drink with your friends and just enjoy life.

Bottom line: Lead a stress-free life outside of work and that will surely reflect at your workplace.

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2. See the best in your colleagues but don’t expect too much from them

If you see the best in the people around you and at the same time not expect too much from them, you reduce your chances of being frustrated or hurt by half.

It doesn’t matter how uncomfortable your office is, you can improvise on a few things just to make your personal space better. Don’t wait for your seniors to decorate your desk for you, for example, just go ahead and decorate it in the best way you can.

Are you unhappy because your “coolest” colleagues don’t like hanging out with you? It’s time you stopped forcing yourself into their lives and just hang out with the few who enjoy your company. Do you hate everyone at work because they didn’t support you when you needed them most? Don’t hate them anymore but instead accept the fact that they failed you but that wasn’t the end of life. If showing love- even to those who don’t replicate it- is what will make you feel alive again, then just spread the love.

Bottom line: Never try to impress people at the expense of your happiness. Never try to change your colleagues because you will never succeed; just learn to live with them as they are.

3. Manage your time well

Failing to meet deadlines at work will not only stress you up but also give your bosses reasons to mess your life up. Don’t allow that to happen.

Always manage your time well, arrange your assignments in their order of priority, self-motivate yourself, and make sure that you complete all of them in time.

One more thing; try as much as possible to cut out some free time from your busy schedule to do anything that makes you happy. Being in charge of your time seals all the loopholes that would otherwise allow stress into your life.

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4. Work with a life coach who fits your individual career needs

According to research, hiring the services of a reputable life coach company improves your work life by over 80 percent. A coach will help you to define your career goals, raise your self-confidence, and to strike a balance between your work and life experience. Besides that, a coach will boost your work life by helping to assess your work performance and advising you on how to improve going forward.

There are companies that provide life coaching trainingyou can contact whenever the need arises.

5. Be grateful for the little things that matter

We understand that feeling grateful in the midst of a stressful period might sound like a tall order for you. However, you gain nothing from being sad all the time. Start lighting up the mood from the inside by enjoying the little things that matter in your life.

Do you love your spouse or kids? Think of them whenever you feel overwhelmed and be grateful for what you have.

Because you will spend over 30 percent of your life at your workplace, you need to do everything in your power to be happy at all times. The five factors we have discussed herein will help you in finding your happiness at work going forward.

Start finding fulfillment in your job and limit your observations to the positive things only. Ignore the negatives for your own happiness. (kes)


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