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High risk, high reward: Tommy Ambiyo’s experimental fashion

Evie Breese

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Fri, April 5, 2019  /  06:01 pm
High risk, high reward: Tommy Ambiyo’s experimental fashion

Pushing the boundaries: Designer Tommy Ambiyo Tedji’s exploration into modular-designed garments as presented at the Dewi Fashion Knight show at the Jakarta Fashion Week in October last year. (Courtesy of Tommy Ambiyo Tedji/-)

From the get-go, designer Tommy Ambiyo Tedji knew he had to do something bigger than just simply creating a beautiful bag. Negating the need for stitching or glue, Tommy has engineered unique textiles out of repeated interconnecting shapes or “modules”, which weave together to form a richly patterned design, unlike anything else on the market. There is a distinctly futuristic feel to the clutches and bags created from this mold-breaking textile innovation. Science fiction has had a prominent influence on Tommy who has long been fascinated with the freedom involved in creating a whole new world. Soon after graduating from the Bandung Institute of Technology with a degree in product design, he realized he needed to carve out his own niche. “I couldn’t compete with the best designers in the world and I can’t compete with the biggest mass producer...