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What your wrinkles say about your health

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Jakarta  /  Sat, April 20, 2019  /  09:19 pm
What your wrinkles say about your health

Wrinkles on your face may also indicate that you are embarking on an unhealthy lifestyle in general.  (Shutterstock/life-literacy)

Having wrinkles is natural and part of aging, however, they may also reveal certain health conditions unknown to you.


Compiled by Reader´s Digest, below are five signs you may have a medical problem based on the appearance of your wrinkles.


Greater risk of heart disease

Deep forehead wrinkles can point to atherosclerosis, which is a disease of plaque hardening arteries that may lead to heart disease. A study checked the health condition of more than 3,000 healthy adults between 32 and 62 years of age. After a duration of 20 years the results showed that people with deep forehead wrinkles had 10 times higher risk of getting heart disease than people without wrinkles.

Forehead wrinkles and atherosclerosis are similarly associated with stress. According to scientists, blood vessels on your forehead are thinner compared to your other body parts hence it's easier to notice the presence of the plaque.

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High blood pressure

In 2013 a study examined the connection between wrinkles and blood pressure. It found that younger-looking women usually have less facial sagging as well as lower blood pressure. 

Omer Ibrahim, MD, FAAD, a dermatologist based in Chicago in the United States and spokesperson for the American Academy of Dermatology explains that these women tend to care more about their skin protection and have a healthier vascular system in general. “What I´ve seen in my practice is that people who take good care of their skin tend to nurture their bodies as well,” he says.

Unhealthy lifestyle

Wrinkles on your face may also indicate that you are embarking on an unhealthy lifestyle in general. 

According to studies, people who risk sun damage are also more likely to engage in other high-risk activities that pose harm to their bodies and health such as eating unhealthy or too little food, not exercising enough or not protecting their skin. 

“[Wrinkles] are a sign that they´re not healthy in general,” says Ibrahim.


That wrinkles and so-called “worry lines” derive from stress is no myth. Having lines on your forehead or between the eyebrows can be a serious sign of stress, according to Dee Anna Glaser, a dermatologist based in St. Louis, in the US, and spokesperson for the American Academy of Dermatology. 

Because of higher levels of cortisol, the risk of obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes increases. Therefore, allow yourself to enjoy a quiet and relaxing time. By the way, “laughter lines” are normal since you use lots of muscles in your face while smiling. 

Risk of skin cancer

“People always think if they don´t see those sun spots, they haven´t got sun damage,” Glaser says. 

Having fine wrinkles on your cheeks may actually be an indicator that you are at risk of getting skin cancer. Studies have found that in the US the left side of the face is affected more often, since it is exposed to UV light through the window while driving a car. As a preventive step, always make sure to take care of your skin and use sun protection when going out. (sop/kes)

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