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‘Para Pensiunan 2049’: When crooks meet an unsettling fate  

Tarko Sudiarno

The Jakarta Post

Yogyakarta  /  Wed, April 24, 2019  /  02:33 pm
‘Para Pensiunan 2049’: When crooks meet an unsettling fate  

Stuck in the middle: "Para Pensiunan 2049" (2049 Retirees) follows the haunting spirit of corrupt leader Doorstoot (left, Butet Kartaredjasa) who becomes relentless as his body is denied a burial. (JP/Tarko Sudiarno )

What would unscrupulous individuals do if there was a rule prohibiting the burial of people like them? Teater Gandrik’s latest play, Para Pensiunan 2049 (2049 Retirees), aims to answer that. Doorstoot (Butet Kartaredjasa) comes back from the dead after discovering that his remains are denied a burial because of his failure to acquire a Death Certificate of Good Conduct (SKKB). The year is 2049 and every burial requires an SKKB, issued by the Death Advisory Commission (KPK), to confirm that the deceased was a good person. Go away: Scared locals try to expel Doorstoot’s spirit who keeps demanding the burial of his corpse. (JP/Tarko Sudiarno ) It is, therefore, impossible for the corrupt Doorstood to get a certificate. It is an intriguing start of Para Pensiunan 2049 (2049 Retirees) by Yogyakarta-based Teater Gandrik. Adapted from the theater group’s 1986 ...