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Break-the-fast with Indonesian food at these three restaurants

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Jakarta  /  Tue, May 21, 2019  /  01:05 pm
Break-the-fast with Indonesian food at these three restaurants

Vin+ Arcadia is offering 'ayam sambal matah' during Ramadan 2019. (Vin+/File)

Nothing beats the comfort of Indonesian food for iftar (breaking-the-fast meal).

Usually cooked with various spices, Indonesian food is packed with flavor, making it a rewarding meal after a long day of fasting.

Although there are many restaurants offering special menus for Ramadan, not all are serving Indonesian dishes.

Therefore, The Jakarta Post has compiled a list of restaurants serving Indonesian dishes this Ramadan.

Vin+ Arcadia

This Ramadan, Vin+ Arcadia in Central Jakarta is offering two set meals, namely ayam sambal matah (chicken served with Balinese raw chili relish) and nasi bakar empal daging (grilled rice wrapped in banana leaves served with sweet marinated beef).

With a starting price of Rp 80,000 (US$5.53), the set meals include free takjil (light breaking-of-the-fast snacks), making it an affordable menu for iftar gatherings.

Contact: 0821 1438 6969

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Nusa Gastronomy


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Nusa Gastronomy in Kemang, South Jakarta, is serving a variety of local dishes, including rare traditional recipes, such as rabeg daging ketan bintul and ulu juku.

The former is a Balinese-style beef slow cooked in a clay pot for four hours with spices and sweet soy sauce.

The latter is fish head soup cooked in coconut milk, tamarind and various spices. Both dishes are rare to find in Jakarta, giving you a one-of-a-kind iftar experience.

In addition to rare recipes, Nusa Gastronomy is also offering comfort foods, such as udang sambal goreng pete (prawns cooked with chili and bitter beans), ayam goreng Nusa (Nusa-style fried chicken) and bebek palekko (organic local duck served with chili paste and tamarind).

Contact: 021 719 3954

Kaum Jakarta


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This year, Kaum Jakarta restaurant in Central Jakarta is highlighting Sintang regency in West Kalimantan by incorporating unique ingredients from forests around the area such as liak padi (ginger buds), Dayak sour eggplant and salai lais (smoked glass catfish) for its special Ramadan menu.

Among the special dishes, try the restaurant’s ikan asam pedas (sour and spicy fish) and lontong kasturi (rice cake in beef and vegetable soup).

Using fresh ikan patin (pangasius fish), ikan asam pedas is cooked in Sintang ginger buds, torch ginger, fresh turmeric and Dayak sour eggplant, resulting in a sour and spicy broth.

Lontong kasturi is an old recipe from the regency. The dish features rice cake served with braised beef, sliced chayote, long beans and string beans mixed with spices, making it a must-try dish for those looking for a hearty iftar meal. (jes/mut)

Contact: 021 2239 3256

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