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Producers have yearned to adapt Pram's works for 20 years

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Jakarta  /  Sun, June 30, 2019  /  10:08 am
Producers have yearned to adapt Pram's works for 20 years

The first meeting of Minke (Iqbaal Ramadhan) and Annelies Mellema (Mawar Eva de Jongh) in the film adaptation of 'Bumi Manusia' (This Earth of Mankind). (

Two films adapted from the works of late celebrated writer Pramoedya "Pram" Ananta Toer are to start gracing the big screen on Aug. 15: Bumi Manusia (This Earth of Mankind), directed by Hanung Bramantyo, and Perburuan (The Fugitive), helmed by Richard Oh.

The Falcon Pictures production house, which produced both films, revealed how it initially intended to work on one novel instead of two.

Producer Frederica told in Jakarta on Wednesday that when Pram's family entrusted Falcon Pictures with the two novels it "gave us goosebumps".

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Since 20 years ago, many production houses have been competing to adapt Pram's works to the big screen, according to Frederica. 

"Finally [we're now able to] to produce the movies. We are thrilled to make the two films. The entire process in terms of licenses and permits was quite smooth as well," she added.

Pram's grandson, Angga Okta Rahman, shared how his grandfather was quite a stubborn man. 

"He repeatedly told family members that he didn't want his works to be filmed by foreigners. He wanted them to be adapted by Indonesians. That is the one thing we hold on to," he said. (nic/kes)