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Indonesian parents still ignore age restrictions on movies

Stefani Ribka

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Thu, October 10, 2019  /  03:47 pm
Indonesian parents still ignore age restrictions on movies

Clueless: A mother and her son look around a Joker movie standee in one of the theaters in Central Jakarta, Thursday, Oct. 10. (JP/Anggie Angela)

Indonesian moviegoers are notorious for bringing their children along to watch movies that are not suitable for their age even though age classification for movies has been mandatory for decades. The violent thriller Joker, starring Joaquin Phoenix, is the latest hyped-up movie ignorant parents have been going to see with their toddlers in tow despite the fact that it is R-rated, or for adults only. Not all parents are ignorant though. Some actually have enough common sense and are startled by the fact that taking children to watch adult-oriented films is still the norm in Indonesia. Juvita, a mother of three, said she could not believe her eyes when she saw a woman bring her 8-year-old son along to watch Joker, which features numerous violent scenes and murder. “The movie was great, but it is not for kids,” Juvita said. Not only is taking a minor to a movie li...