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New book encourages children with limited vision to read

Arya Dipa

The Jakarta Post

Bandung, West Java  /  Wed, November 6, 2019  /  01:05 pm
New book encourages children with limited vision to read

The book 'Petualangan Dana' (Dana's Adventure) was created by the Bandung-based Syamsi Dhuha Foundation for children with low vision. (Courtesy of/Syamsi Dhuha)

Children with limited vision are encouraged to receive visual stimulants or use optical aids to maximize their functional vision. “Reading is considered a good stimulant,” said Dian Syarief, head of the Syamsi Dhuha Foundation (SDF). Established in October 2003, the Bandung-based foundation has introduced a number of aids to assist children with low vision. Dian said the SDF aimed to help people with lupus and low vision. As a person who has had Lupus since 1999, Dian said that the disease has impacted her vision. “I still can see, though not as sharply as I used to. I can only detect people by their shadows,” she said. The foundation's newest work is a book: Petualangan Dana (Dana’s Adventure). It was launched at the commemoration of World Sight Day 2019 on Oct. 12 in Bandung, West Java. Petualangan Dana is 24 pages long and is available ...