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‘The Interests Are At Stake’ explores sounds and imagery of money

Isabelle Harris

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Thu, February 13, 2020  /  01:29 pm
‘The Interests Are At Stake’ explores sounds and imagery of money

Sounds of money: A live projection of nonexistent 3 euro coin on a turntable becomes increasingly distorted as the performance “The Interests Are At Stake” is staged in Jakarta. (Courtesy of Goethe-Insitut Indonesien/-)

A fascinating and intense audio-visual performance, titled “The Interests Are At Stake”, uses a mix of projections, turntables and experimental music in exploring the hidden inner imagery and sounds of money. Developed by German composer and experimental musician Timo Kreuser alongside French visual artist and filmmaker Guillaume Cailleau, the production explores value in both artistic expression and monetary exchange. The two are touring Southeast Asia in January and February, hosting a series of workshops, exhibitions and performances in four cities, including Bandung, Surakarta in Central Java and Yogyakarta. The performance in Jakarta on Jan. 31 was hosted by the German cultural center Goethe-Insitut Indonesien, which calls it an exploration of “the sounds and imagery of money”. Goethe also collaborated with French cultural center Institut Franç...