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Why we should not work from bed

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The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Thu, March 26, 2020  /  04:32 pm
Why we should not work from bed

Though it may be tempting, working from your bed should be avoided as it has several disadvantages. ( Suvi/File)

People in numerous countries have been working from home as the world scrambles to curb the spread of COVID-19.

While some may already have their work space at home, others choose to stay in bed and do their work there.

However, bed is a far from ideal place to work if you want to be productive and get your tasks done.

Working from bed will make it harder for you to separate work and rest, however tempting it may be to stay wrapped in a warm blanket while answering work e-mails. 

“If you work from your bed, you will blur the boundary between sleep and work, which may result in sleep difficulties,” said Sophie Bostock, a British sleep expert, to

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Moreover, your bed is not the cleanest area in your house, especially if you don't routinely wash your bed sheets and pillowcases. It can be a hive of bacteria.

When working remotely, it is best to have a dedicated space to focus on your tasks.

Bostock recommends working near a window to receive more exposure to sunlight, which she says is a “natural mood booster”.

For those who have no option but to work from their beds, it is highly recommended to wash your bed sheets and pillowcases once a week. (wir/wng)