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The art of packing for your vacation

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-  /  Sun, July 22, 2018  /  12:05 pm
The art of packing for your vacation

Master the art of packing with these tips from a seasoned traveler. (Shutterstock/-)

It's great to look good on vacations and it could all start from proper packing.

Cosmopolitan compiled a few tips from Bonnie Rakhit, former fashion editor and founder of The Style Traveller, on the art of packing for your sojourn.

Use hangers

When bringing a travel-sized iron is not an option and you are not sure if your hotel room is equipped with ironing set, pack your clothes together with their hangers. This is what a fashion stylist does to avoid crumpling the clothes.

"When I arrive, I hang them up straight away for minimal creasing," Rakhit said.

Place bathroom essentials in one case

Rakhit always keeps her bathroom essentials in one case, which she leaves in her suitcase. So, when she is in hurry, there is no way she would leave behind her bathroom essentials.

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Adjust your outfits to your destination

Always do some research about your destination, as it is fun to match your outfit with the region’s unique color palette. For instance, when she travels to Santorini in Greece, Rakhit will bring clothes in blue and white. Meanwhile, for terracotta-hued Marrakesh in Morocco, Bonnie will carry her bright orange or berry-colored outfits.

Protect yourself from the sun

Whatever the weather at your destination, bring sunscreen and sunglasses.

"To protect my favorite lenses in my case, I like to wrap them in tissue and store them in structured clutches," Rakhit explained.

This will save space and save the sunglasses from getting knocked around.

Take advantage of hotel freebies

Only bring toiletries in small bottles. If you are worried that you will run out of bathroom essentials, bear in mind that most hotels provide shower gel, shampoo and moisturizer.

It is a good idea to bring a good travel hairdryer. But even if there is no hairdryer in your hotel room, housekeeping may have one available upon request. (wir/mut)