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What to do in Cirebon besides visit the palace

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Jakarta  /  Sun, August 5, 2018  /  08:19 am
What to do in Cirebon besides visit the palace

Sunyaragi Cave in Cirebon, West Java. (Shutterstock/File)

Located in West Java, the port city of Cirebon is a four-hour trip from Jakarta. 

Those who visit Cirebon usually make time to go to a historical site. Known for having strong foreign influences, Cirebon is the perfect place to explore the hidden gems of the Indonesian landscape and traditions.

As compiled by, below is a list of five top things to do in Cirebon:

Have a photo session


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Cirebon has a host of beautiful old buildings, which is the perfect background for an Instagram post. One building known for this purpose is the Toko Pesona Batik Store.

What was once an old warehouse is now a vintage-style building that has traces of its historical beginnings.

Buy and create batik clothing

While there, go inside and learn more about Trusmi batik, the making of which has been preserved by locals. The design is easily recognizable by its cloud-shaped motif, known as “mega cloudy batik”.

In addition to buying pre-made batik, visitors can also learn to make batik of their own.

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Souvenir shopping


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A well-known gift to give to people back home is a Kiris T-shirt, which has artwork imprinted on it. 

Another type of shirt found nowhere else is batik-patterned ones.

Eat local cuisine


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Don’t miss the variety of food that Cirebon offers, which includes nasi lengko (vegetarian rice), empal gentong (beef soup served in clay pot) and tahu gejrot (tofu in hot and sour sauce). 

Batik Kitchen, located on Jl. Syekh Datul Kahfi, is the perfect restaurant to enjoy food in a batik-inspired interior.

Buy batik-patterned cakes


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To complete your meal, order dessert from the Cirebon Kelana Shop. The shop sells delicious cakes, including those covered in batik patterns.

The cakes are a truly aesthetic sight to behold, so

much so that people take pictures of them before eating them. (saz/kes)