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Five professions for millennials who want to travel for free 

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Jakarta  /  Sun, July 7, 2019  /  09:01 pm
Five professions for millennials who want to travel for free 

Celebgram can also be a way to travel for free.  (Shutterstock/File)

Exiting and entering the country, exploring popular attractions and traveling to remote destinations are a dream for many people. But often the biggest obstacle to traveling is the cost. 

For this reason, many people long to travel for free, and there are more ways to travel for free than many people think. One way is to make traveling part of your job, such as the following professions that are especially suitable for millennials as compiled by

1. YouTuber

This profession is certainly familiar to millennials, and becoming a YouTuber can indeed be quite promising. Forbes Magazine even released a list of the richest YouTubers in the world, in which the top spot was occupied by Ryan Toys Review, a 7-year-old boy whose income reached US$2 million a year.

But of course, creating a YouTube account and creating channels doesn't necessarily make you famous or let you travel for free. Creativity in creating content is needed so that your channel can attract public attention. Once you have a lot of viewers and subscribers, some publishers may invite you to work together. They may start to offer products, money or even free travel.

Even without waiting for an offer, you can ask for offers if you have many viewers and subscribers. But of course, if you really aim to travel for free, then your content should also be related to travel.

2. Blogger

The difference from YouTubers is that bloggers are more about writing content with personal blog media. There are quite a lot of famous travel bloggers in the country that you can make reference to, such as Trinity, Fahmi Anhar, the late Mas Toro Cumi Lebay, etc. 

To become a blogger who gets hits, you can't just write content. You also need technical skills, such as in SEO techniques, HTML and website management.

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3. Celebgram 

Celebgram can also be a way to get to travel for free. 

It is undeniable that social media like Instagram often contribute to making a place famous. This is what publishers are looking for. They need celebrity Instagrammers to become influencers who popularize their products or review certain places. 

Of course the number of followers and Instagram content factor in to whether or not publishers endorse you. Therefore, if you really intend to become a celebrity, start organizing Instagram feeds and looking for tips to optimize it.

4. Volunteer

Volunteers can travel if they have expertise as a health worker, education personnel, technical personnel, etc. 

Take an education volunteer for example. Try to find a volunteer position in the field of education that will put you in various regions in Indonesia. By volunteering in a certain area, you can explore the place as well.

But keep in mind that when you become a volunteer, you must prioritize the goal of your voluntary mission. Do not let your goal of free travel make you think you can take it easy with work. Even though you volunteer, acting responsible is absolutely necessary. 

5. Travel agent

Opening a travel agency would improve your chance of being able to travel for free. By opening a travel agency you can be both a travel guide and travel consultant for your customers. This is so that you can participate in the experience of traveling just like your clients when you travel with them. 

Good communication skills, capital, marketing knowledge and extensive networking are needed to make it in this field. (nic/kes)

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