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Colors brighten lives in kampung

Duncan Graham

The Jakarta Post

Malang, East Java  /  Mon, November 18, 2019  /  03:35 pm
Colors brighten lives in kampung

Proud leader: Valentinus Sutrisnanto, the community unit (RW) head of Kampung Tridi in Malang, East Java. (JP/Erlinawati Graham)

A small village in Malang, East Java, is an example of strong community development. Trains heading west out of Malang Station slip through a dense forest of rickety houses.  Rail companies usually clear land flanking the line.  Not here. If the train car windows are open, passengers can snatch fruit off of breakfast tables.  They can also check out clotheslines. Safe behind tinted windows, passengers squint into bedrooms and kitchens while the occupants only notice moving metal.  It is rude, but it gives outsiders a chance to observe kampung life. Now voyeurs do not need to travel. Instead of furtive guilt-laden glances, they can see and be seen, strangers and locals discovering their similarities. “It’s no problem, we don’t care,” said Valentinus Sutrisnanto as a tour group passes his home’s open doorway.  “We ...