Burgers don’t go out of style

Muthi Achadiat Kautsar

The Jakarta Post


Jakarta   /  Wed, August 29, 2018  /  11:31 am

Truffle burger from Le Burger Jakarta.(JP/Muthi Kautsar)

As long as sandwiches are still en vogue, so are burgers. This food item consists simply of a bun, a cooked meat patty and a few condiments such as vegetables, cheese and pickles. Most burgers are simple and filling, so cooks like to make it and hungry diners opt for it as well.

Considering its fun factor and versatility, a burger bar can become the perfect concept for a casual eatery. The newest burger bar to arrive in Jakarta is Le Burger, located at the site where the upcoming Alila SCBD hotel is expected to open.

The bar at Le Burger Jakarta. (JP/Muthi Kautsar)

Le Burger positions itself as a modern, casual and fun late-night gourmet burger bar curated by celebrated chefs, the father and son duo Jean-Georges and Cedric Vongerichten. Its main dining area is graced with a spacious bar serving craft beer and cocktails on tap, surrounded by dimly lit dining tables and booths. There is also a long communal table overlooking its outdoor area, where guests like to take photos or simply dine under natural lighting.

Knowing the prominent names behind Le Burger, it is natural that one would expect a tall burger filled with the fanciest ingredients. Well, the burgers are not intimidatingly tall, apparently. The Jakarta Post ordered a truffle burger. It is easily held in one hand, with only the beef patty, brie and lettuce visibly prominent. There is the aroma of truffle, and the flavor is promising from the first bite.

Apart from the truffle burger, the crispy chicken and shrimp burger are also popular. The Post has to admit that deciding which one to eat between the three is not an easy task.

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Restaurant staff would be glad to give recommendations on which beer to pair with the burger. Meanwhile, gin and tonic or a tequila-based cocktail are also interesting options.

Banana pudding from Le Burger. (JP/Muthi Kautsar)

Still have room for dessert? There is a cheesecake milkshake that gives the experience of eating cheesecake in a different way, or the very creamy banana pudding. You may want to share with a friend or two.