Wiro Sableng movie: Young actors to keep an eye on

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Jakarta   /  Wed, September 12, 2018  /  07:03 am

Playing the role of Wira Saksana, Abirama Putra Andresta shows up in the early scenes of the 'Wiro Sableng' movie.(Wiro Sableng/File)

Indonesian action-drama Wiro Sableng features four talented junior actors as the younger versions of Wira Saksana (later known as Wiro Sableng) and Suranyali (later known as Mahesa Birawa).

The character of Wiro Sableng involves three actors, as the film follows the life of the 212 warrior from when he was still named Wira Saksana until he grows into a young adult (played by Vino G. Bastian). The actors are Abirama Putra Andresta (Wira Saksana), Kian Santang (little Wiro) and Faris Fadjar (teen Wiro).

Kian Santang, who plays the younger Wiro Sableng, is the son of Cece Hermawan, a member of the film’s choreography team. (Wiro Sableng/File)

Despite his young age, Abirama is able to steal people’s hearts, especially in the scene where his parents are threatened by Mahesa Birawa (Yayan Ruhian) in Jatiwalu.

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Faris Fadjar plays the teen version of Wiro Sableng. (Wiro Sableng/File)

Meanwhile, both Kian and Faris have a background in silat martial arts, thanks to their parents. Kian is the son of Cece Hermawan, a member of the film’s choreography team, while Faris is the son of Cecep Arif Rahman, who also acts as the evil Bagaspati in the film.

Having learned martial art since he was little, Nuh Putra Damar Alam was well equipped to slip into the role of the teenage Suranyali. (Wiro Sableng/File)

Another child actor is Nuh Putra Damar Alam, who plays the young Suranyali. Having learned silat since he was 8 years old, Nuh is no stranger to acting. He took part in the 2014 film Pendekar Tongkat Emas (Golden Scepter Knight) as Gerhana.

Wiro Sableng is currently screened across Indonesia and has been viewed by more than 1 million people. (wir/wng)