Jakpost guide to 2018 Asian Games: West Java

Jessicha Valentina, Arya Dipa and Theresia Sufa 

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta   /  Sun, August 5, 2018  /  05:08 pm

Si Jalak Harupat Stadium in Bandung, West Java, is among the venues for men's soccer at the 2018 Asian Games. (JP/Arya Dipa)

Although the majority of 2018 Asian Games events will take place in Jakarta and Palembang, South Sumatra, West Java province is also scheduled to host some events.

Men's soccer matches are scheduled to take place at four different stadiums across West Java, namely Pakansari Stadium in Bogor, Si Jalak Harupat Stadium in Bandung, Patriot Stadium in Bekasi and Wibawa Mukti Stadium in Cikarang.

Meanwhile, paragliding and mountain biking competitions will take place on Gunung Mas in Puncak and in Subang, Bandung, respectively.

It is recommended that visitors stay in Bogor and Bandung as the venues are relatively easy to access from the two cities.

Here is our guide for both domestic and foreign tourists who plan to visit West Java during the 2018 Asian Games.


Visitors are recommended to stay in the Bogor or Bandung city centers, depending on which games they plan to attend.

Those wanting to watch the semifinal or final in men's soccer or paragliding can book a room at the 101 Bogor Suryakancana Hotel on Jl.  Suryakancana or favehotel Padjajaran Bogor. These properties are strategically located in the heart of the city, making it convenient for tourists traveling to and from the nearby venues.

Those who plan on staying in Bandung may want to make a reservation at the Hilton Bandung. The five-star hotel is located near a train station and only a 15-minute drive from Bandung’s Husein Sastranegara International Airport.

Meanwhile, Moxy Bandung hotel is available for those looking for budget accommodation in Bandung.


If you happen to be a foodie, then you are in luck, as Bogor and Bandung are both home to a myriad of local and international restaurants.

Visitors to Bogor can explore Jl. Suryakancana. The area is usually crowded in the morning, welcoming visitors with various local delicacies, such as soto kuning (Bogor-style beef soup), asinan jagung (grilled corn served with spicy sauce), asinan Bogor (fresh vegetables served with sauce) and more.

Foreign tourists can drop by Macaroni Panggang restaurant on Jl. Salak Taman Kencana. As its name implies, the eatery serves macaroni panggang (baked macaroni with cheese). The joint’s ontbijt koek (cinnamon cake) is a must-try snack. 

Foodies can also drop by Pia Apple Pia and Kedai Kita. The former is known for its apple pie, while the latter specializes in pizza, pasta and black pepper hotplate noodles.

Bandung also has a long list of food outlets to visit. However, it is recommended that tourists try batagor (fried fish dumplings served with peanut sauce). While you can find several batagor vendors across the city, Batagor Kingsley and Batagor Riri are the most popular spots in Bandung.

Those looking for a good cup of coffee should consider visiting Noah’s Barn on Jl. Dayang Sumbi. Across the coffee shop, visitors can sample Indonesian delicacies, such as nasi goreng, soto and ayam goreng, at Kapulaga Bistro.

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Nearby tourist attractions

Indonesia is known for its wildlife, but not all tourists have time to visit animals in their natural habitat where they thrive. Bogor offers somewhat of an alternative in Taman Safari Indonesia, Puncak. The zoo is home to animals that are endemic to the country, such as Komodo dragons, orangutans and Sumatran tigers.

Alternatively, those who stay in Bogor’s city center can swing by Bogor Botanical Gardens. The garden was founded by the government of the Dutch East Indies and is now a popular recreational site for families and local residents.

Elsewhere, Bogor Palace is a must-see building in the City of Rain. It is located in the heart of Bogor. 

As for Bandung, the city is a popular holiday destination for local tourists, making it easy to find tourist attractions. Since Si Jalak Harupat Stadium is located in Soreang, it is suggested that tourists visit sites in the southern part of Bandung.

Visitors to Bandung can check out Gedung Sate Museum. It was recently renovated to bring augmented and virtual reality experiences to its collection of texts, images and movies.

Kawah Putih (White Crater) is a popular tourist spot in Bandung. The volcanic crater is known for its striking views, making it a popular photo spot. The entrance fee is Rp 20,000 (US$1.38) for local tourists and Rp 50,000 for foreign tourists.

Meanwhile, Situ Patengang offers picturesque views for visitors. To enter the lake, local tourists need to pay Rp 18,500 on weekdays and Rp 20,500 on weekends. For foreign tourists, the entrance fee costs Rp 135,000 on weekdays and Rp 185,000 on weekends.

Alternatively, tourists can also visit the Rancabali tea plantation for views of lush greenery.

Shopping centers

Shopping centers near Pakansari Stadium are Cibinong City Mall (CCM) and ITCM Mall Cibinong.

In Bandung, one of the biggest shopping malls is Paris van Java Mall on Jl. Sukajadi.

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Money changers

Money changers are located in Cibinong City Mall (CCM) and ITC Mall Cibinong, located near Pakansari Stadium.

In Puncak, tourists can exchange their money in Warung Kaleng, Cisarua, a popular spot among Middle Eastern tourists.

In South Bandung, tourists can find a money changer on Jl. Raya Soreang. There are also several banks along the road that allow for foreign currency transactions.

24-hour convenience stores

There is a 24-hour Indomaret located on Jl. Mayor Oking in Cibinong, near Pakansari Stadium.

In Bandung, 24-hour convenience stores are located in Gegerkalong. There is an Indomaret at Gegerkalong Hilir 172 on Jl. Gegerkalong Hilir and Circle K on Jl. Setiabudi.


For health emergencies, visitors to Bogor can go to Cibinong General Hospital or Ciawi Bogor General Hospital.

Near Si Jalak Harupat Stadium is Rumah Sakit Umum Daerah Soreang. Located two kilometers away from the stadium, the hospital also has a 24-hour emergency clinic.  


Si Jalak Harupat Stadium can be reached by car via the Pasirkoja-Soreang toll road. Since public transportation is limited, it is recommended that tourists download ride-hailing apps such as Go-Jek or Grab.

Bogor’s public transportation is similar to Bandung. However, those staying in the city center can ride angkot (public minivan) on the Pasar Anyar-Citereup route and stop at Kandang Roda before continuing on an ojek (motorcycle taxi) to the stadium.

Alternatively, visitors can take the train from Bogor Station to Bojong Gede Station.

Emergency numbers

112 is the emergency number for police and ambulance services in Bogor.

Meanwhile, Bandung has various emergency numbers: 110 is for the police, 113 is for fire emergencies and 118 is for ambulance services.

Mobile phone service

Foreign tourists can purchase SIM cards at shopping malls. The staff at any mobile phone store will help tourists register and purchase internet data plans.


-If you are traveling without the aid of a travel agent, it is recommended that you download ride-hailing apps Go-Jek and Grab, as the city’s public transportation is limited.

-Do not drink tap water.

-Weather in Bogor and Bandung is relatively cool compared to other parts of Indonesia. It is recommended to bring a jacket while visiting the cities.

-Not everyone can speak English. Foreign tourists should a use translation app or pocket dictionary. (kes)