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5 unique ice cream flavors you should try right now

Ni Nyoman Wira
Ni Nyoman Wira

The Jakarta Post

Jakarta  /  Fri, May 20, 2016  /  12:40 pm
5 unique ice cream flavors you should try right now

Ice cream lovers are spoiled for choice thanks to creative and unique new tastes. (Shutterstock/-)

Forget vanilla, chocolate or strawberry. Ice cream flavors seem to be getting more and more creative each day, allowing you to challenge your taste buds and discover a new favorite.

If you haven't already, give these unique ice cream flavors a try and share with us which one you like the most.

Sea salt

You may quickly imagine a super salty and an unappetizing taste in your mouth upon reading about this flavor. The ice cream does contain sea salt, but another ingredient is usually added to balance the salty taste such as vanilla extract, caramel or coconut.

When you try it, a smooth saltiness will tickle your taste buds. You may feel a little bit weird at first, but then a kick from the additional ingredient will create a party in your mouth. If you try the caramel flavor one, a tiny bitter aftertaste creeps up slowly.


People need to make more of this stuff 🍦#seasalticecream #icecold

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Despite of its smell, the thorny durian has many loyal fans in Indonesia. The ice cream version is usually mixed with other ingredients such as milk, cream and sugar to help temper the strong flavor and turn the fruit’s texture from sticky to creamy. The mixture should be combined well, unless you want to have small chunks inside.

The overall taste is indeed like durian – the sweet one, not as strong as the actual fruit. It still has the signature smell though, but that’s the main attraction anyway.


Es krim durian. #vsco #vscocam #vscogood #foodie #kulinersemarang #eskrimdurian #jajanansemarang #jakulsemarang

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Salted egg yolk

Yes, you read it right. Although it probably makes you cringe, this flavor is surprisingly delicious in ice cream form.

This savory ice cream is actually made from egg yolk, however sugar is later added to create sweetness. The taste is similar to the sea salt ice cream, but this time the saltiness comes from the egg yolk and it has different sensation. After a few seconds in your mouth, the sweet flavor will come smoothly, making an equal match in your mouth.


Epitome of a memorable dinner #sglife #saltedeggyolkicecream #awesomefoods #midweektreats

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Commonly spread on bread, kaya can also be turned into the perfect ice cream flavor for a sweet tooth.

Kaya itself is basically made from coconut milk, eggs and sugar. As an ice cream, it can be served with cakes, bread, or something salty to avoid the zing sensation after eating something sugary. Overall, the ice cream tastes uniquely sweet, just like eating a slice of bread with kaya spread on top.


We all know kimchi is part of Korean culture. It’s usually served as a side dish or mixed with other foods such as noodles or salad.

Kimchi is fermented vegetable, so no wonder it has a spicy and sour taste. However, behind its tangy taste, kimchi can be transformed into an ice cream, its crunchy texture becoming creamy and rich. Although it has a complicated taste, it is still delicious.

The ice cream version is usually complemented by sides such as crackers and something sweet like honey. The first bite may initially have a sweet and sugary taste, but wait until the sourness comes and kicks you from the inside. (kes)

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